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What are E-Liquids?

June 8th, 2016

Steamers are aware of the importance of e-liquids: As an important component of e- cigarette promise these little aroma cigarettes particularly large variety of flavors, they are quickly replaced and are available in a large selection both in the shop and also available on the internet.

Buyer should always pay attention to fresh packs, whereby the difference in practice not really like to carry weight. Even mustard stops is known a long time and yet it’s not necessarily a great pleasure to have to eat in the refrigerator still him after a year or two.

But what is actually contained in the liquids? Strictly speaking there are at least four substances and they all have more or less important aspects that should know the enjoyer an e-cigarette accurate. It is, of course, propylene glycol, which is responsible for the vapor of the cigarettes. It also serves as a means of preserving and makes the liquids durable. In the European Union, propylene glycol is registered and approved as a food additive.

These can be found in liquid and glycerol, which stabilizes the smoke and represents the simplest structure of trivalent alcohol. Also commonly referred to as a food additive, it also carries the trade name E422 and is included in many products. Glycerin is also very durable and not actually pernicious.

Another important component of the liquids are the aforementioned flavors, which are usually added to the 5 percent and lend every taste his own touch. They are chemically produced, yet there are now an increasing number of flavors that do not require additives. It is advisable to read the information on the Aromafläschen exactly as just naturally flavors often have a problem with the durability.

Last, let us refer to the nicotine, which is only optionally present in the liquid and remains responsible for the typical kick when smoking or just steaming. The basic materials can also mix, which is not great art, and is also performed by many supporters of e-cigarettes regularly.

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Prohibited, limited or allowed: the differences in the legal framework of the electronic cigarette

June 8th, 2016

If you own one of the 7 million electronic cigarettes that exist in the European Union, beware: the differences in the world where you can and cannot make use of it is abysmal. They are even are fully banned in some countries: if, for example, you wish to travel to Hong Kong, it is best to leave it at home.

Chaos is huge: Should it be treated as snuff? Should it be treated as a therapeutic product? Are they safe to consume? There is no consensus or any conclusive medical report, and that’s why some countries have completely banned its use, while others have chosen not to do anything yet. At the same time, the business of ‘e-cigarettes’ continues to grow in sales in the EU and have reached 500 million Euros, according to Euromonitor International, amounting to 2,000 million Euros worldwide.

In Spain, though, the Ministry of Health has taken the first step to consider the electronic cigarette as a product different than snuff. Although for now the minimum agreement reached in the inter-territorial health board includes a ban in schools, hospitals, buildings of government services, citizen services and public transport, still there is no spoken agreement to the other enclosed public spaces such as restaurants, offices, cinemas, theaters or sale on the premises.

Still, Spain seems to walk in the same direction of regulation as those adopted by Malta or France. In Italy, the ban has been recently removed and allow again “vapee” in public places. Malta approved this year a classify of electronic cigarettes as a product of snuff: now sold in tobacconists, just over 18 years, it is forbidden to advertise them and their use in all enclosed public spaces, restaurants and workplaces.

Meanwhile France has also limited its use in places where smoking is not allowed. However, it has reached to a twist: if it exceeds 20 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter (usually normally not exceed 18 mg/ml) cigarettes are considered a therapeutic product and should be marketed as such, and are subject to the same controls.

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